Ort Cloud
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Ort Cloud is the creation of Matthew "Zashi" Hiles. The majority of the inspiration for this site comes from thinkgeek's fortune page. Additional inspiration comes from the ubiquitous web 2.0 websites that I won't even bother to mention because they should be known by all.


I've gotten this question a lot: why? "What is the point of this?" you may or may not find yourself asking. It's fun. It's random. There are lots of odd and funny quotes and you're encouraged to add to the oddness and fun. There are no rules other than don't abuse the site. I do recongize the difference between weird stuff and junk and may from time to time delete a post (this is rare and only happens when I suspect a spam bot). So have fun. Don't take anything on here seriously.


The way it works is the main page shows a random quote everytime it is loaded. Neither you nor I have any control of the selection.

To post a new message, you must select the radio button beside the words "new post" in the form section at the bottom of the page. The message is required (no blank messages!) but the name and sigpass are entirely option.

To post a reply to another message, select the radio button at the bottom of the post you want to reply to, fill out the form on the bottom of the page and click the button.

The sigpass is a secret phrase you enter. It is hashed with your name to produce a unique identifier so that you may maintain a reputation and take credit for posts while at the same time keeping yourself completely anonymous. The website does not log IP addresses or otherwise track users. No registration is required to use the site.

When a message is displayed, if it is a reply to another message, that message is displayed as well. If that message is also a reply, the parent message is displayed. This continues until a post that is not a reply to another post is displayed.


There are plans to change the site with some upgraded functionality. Post of pictures may someday be allowed. A voting system, to help let users weed out crappy posts, will likely be implemented. A better sig system will probably be developed to make verifying identities much easier. Images or words may replace the hash string in the bottom right corner of posts.